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Waterville Memorial Bandstand

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Back in 1872, the editor of The Waterville Times in New York urged area residents to stop talking about building a bandstand on the village green and do it. Now, 137 years later, the bandstand is complete.

Waterville Memorial Bandstand Image courtesy of Fypon

“We don’t like to rush things around here,” jokes Philippa Brown, village historian and a member of the Memorial Bandstand Committee. “This idea has occupied quite a few committees over the years. Several temporary bandstands have been built, but they all outlived their wooden usefulness.

“When the current Memorial Bandstand Committee was formed about five years ago, they pushed ahead to get a permanent structure constructed with the enthusiastic and generous support of the community,” Brown explains.

Looking Out

A showpiece on the village green, the 20'-tall, 28'-wide, 20'-deep structure was designed to replicate a 19th-century Victorian bandstand. Most importantly, it was built with 21st-century products, including weather-resistant Fypon porch posts, railings, and balusters. Decorative brackets and arches from Fypon added important details typical of Victorian “Italianate” style architecture to the bandstand.

“We wanted to make sure this structure would last so we wouldn’t have to go through this process again this century,” says Dale Mesler, committee member and structural engineer. “When doing our research we discovered that the Fypon products are extremely durable and suited the architectural requirements. They resist insects, decay, and moisture – perfect for an outdoor bandstand."

Located 45 miles east of Syracuse, the Village of Waterville has big plans for their new bandstand. The first event planned is an autumn “Cruise In” on September 19th for historic cars with musical events throughout the day. Summer concerts, community activities, holiday decoration,s and even weddings are already lined up for the bandstand.

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