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Bellaforté Shake Tiles Generate Four Times More Sales than Anticipated

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 In the six months since their introduction to the marketplace, Bellaforté Shake polymer roofing tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes have quadrupled the anticipated sales figures for the new product.

Bellaforté Shake Tiles Generate Four Times More Sales than Anticipated

“When we launched Bellaforté Shake in June of 2012, we knew it was a great roofing tile, but even we’re surprised at the swift acceptance and widespread appeal of this durable product,” says Mark Hansen, vice president of sales for DaVinci Roofscapes. “Month after month we’re seeing big increases in the sales of this roofing tile. People across the nation are lining up to have this realistic shake roofing tile on their homes.”

Hansen points out that a combination of aesthetics and price point are key factors driving sales of the Bellaforté Shake product. “We took impressions of real cedar and used our proprietary technology to transfer those extremely detailed impressions to our molds for this product,” says Hansen. “The final results are amazingly accurate. And, as important as the realistic look is the competitive price point.

“Pricing for Bellaforté Shake compares to real cedar, high-end asphalt, or steel roofing options. That’s appealing to homeowners, building owners, and homeowner associations who still love the look of cedar but need more value. The polymer tiles provide that value because of their enhanced lifespan, and insect- and fire-resistance, along with low maintenance and exceptional abilities to combat severe weather conditions.”

Bellaforté Shake polymer roofing tiles were created by DaVinci Roofscapes to have a multi-width appearance replicating hand-split real cedar shakes. The tiles feature slanted sawn edges and staggered lengths. Snap-fit tabs are molded into each tile for easy installation and self-alignment. The roofing tiles come in 49 colors and a selection of five color blends, including Abruzzo, Espresso, Tuscano, Verona, and Harbor Gray.

The 12" Bellaforté Shake tiles feature multiple profiles that enable roofing contractors to create a staggered appearance that simulates a natural rough-hewn wood shake roof. The product’s patented features, which include a leading edge tab and a self-aligning ledge, help reduce the installation time for the Bellaforté Shake product. Available nationwide, a square of Bellaforté Shake (with 100 pieces per square) weighs just 190 pounds. This lower tile weight helps reduce installation time and transportation costs. Just as with other DaVinci products, the Bellaforté Shake tiles are 100% recyclable and come with a 50-year limited warranty.

Widespread Contractor Acceptance

Hansen reports that many contractors had the same reaction to the Bellaforté Shake product launch as Travis Herritz, president of Springer Construction Services, LLC, in Minnesota. “I thought to myself, now here’s a product that will really work in my marketplace,” said Herritz, who employs 10 full-time workers and up to 75 additional subcontractors. “I like this polymer roofing tile better than real wood shakes because it stands out, and the homeowners know what color they’re dealing with right away. With natural cedar, it changes from golden to silver to gray and even to black in some cases. Plus, this product is easier to install than real cedar because of the standardized size.”

The team from Springer Construction Services completed the roof on a home in Prior Lake, Minnesota, in August of 2012. The Tuscano color blend of Bellaforté Shake roofing tiles used on the home will also be added to a boat house in the near future. Now Herritz and his team are eagerly seeking more projects with the fast-install product.

“This is a competitive industry and I’m always looking for ways to differentiate my company from others in our market,” said Herritz. “This product gives us a real substitute for cedar shakes that I can truly sell and market to homeowners with a value to it at a reasonable price compared to quality cedar. I envision using this product on at least 10 reroofing projects each year.”

Homeowner Appreciation Increases Sales

Colorado resident Andrew Marenin has found many reasons to be excited about his new Bellaforté Shake roof. The appearance, value, and neighbor envy are a few – but the 25% discount he’ll get on his State Farm® homeowner’s insurance is perhaps the best reason.

“After my original cedar roof received hail damage, we purchased the Bellaforté Shake roof because it resists severe weather, hail, and fire,” said Marenin. “This product will help me save on my homeowner's insurance. Plus, our neighborhood association can be extremely particular on architectural detail and changes on homes in our area. However, these shakes are so authentic-looking that they received instant approval."

The authentic cedar design of the roofing tile appealed to another homeowner, Thomas Meyers in Minnesota.

“I wanted something that looked like real wood shakes but performed better,” said Meyers. “I was tired of our older wood shakes deteriorating with different weather conditions. I’d definitely recommend the roof to family and friends, and I believe the Bellaforté Shake product is a sensible, long-term investment for our home."


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