Writers' Guidelines

How Do I Become a Contributing Writer?

If you have not previously written for Buildipedia and would like to become a contributing writer, submit a writing sample of a published article (a link to your article will suffice) and any supplementary information (resume, website link, etc.) that you would like to have considered. Submissions should be emailed to editorial@buildipedia.com. Once your submission has been reviewed, a member of our editorial team will let you know if there is an available story assignment that fits your area of interest.

Pitch Original Content

You may also pitch an original story idea of your own. Send an email to editorial@buildipedia.com and include the following, at a minimum:

  • Proposed scope
  • Sources you plan on reaching out to (if applicable)
  • Article type

You will be contacted by a member of the editorial team to discuss your proposed article and answer any questions you may have. If we approve the assignment, we will email you a blanket independent contractor/contributing writer's agreement.

Article Types

Article Types and Requirements

DIY Blog

Examples: DIY Vintage Crate Storage, Living with Solar Energy

  • Photographs: A minimum of 10 with captions and photo credits
    Images must be a minimum of 1280px in width
  • Text: 450 words minimum

Photo Essay

Examples: Design Inspiration: Structures of Utility, Madrid’s Industrial Evolution: El Matadero

  • Photographs: A minimum of 20 with captions and photo credits
    Images must be a minimum of 1280px in width
  • Text: 400 words minimum


Examples: Case Study: The Evolution of Miami Architecture, House of the Month: Redesign of a Historic 1890s-era House, Light Gauge Metal Stud Framing, Maintaining the Falkirk Wheel, Q & A with William Cary, Planner in Miami Beach

  • Includes building case studies that cover multiple design features and vendors as well as an article covering one building that includes multiple assets.
  • Sources: An interview with one source, at a minimum, is required
  • Photographs: A minimum of 10 with captions and photo credits
    Images must be a minimum of 1280px in width
  • Text: 750 words minimum

Editorial Standards

Buildipedia’s mission is to provide the most useful and relevant information about all aspects of the built environment to our audience, which comprises both AEC professionals and consumers. Our writers are professional journalists, bloggers, and AEC industry insiders – if this describes you, we welcome queries and submissions. Please find below a few key points about the types of content we publish and how to get your content onto Buildipedia.

  • All content is subject to editorial approval.

  • The articles that appear on all channels except the KnowledgeBase are the work of our team of talented journalists, bloggers, and AEC professionals. Learn more about this process under the Article Types tab.

  • The KnowledgeBase contains content produced by manufacturers, vendors, service providers, PR representatives, and other commercial interests. This includes white papers, industry reports, product reviews, press releases, and multimedia presentations. Although our team of writers does not produce this content, we feel that all of the information in the KnowledgeBase is of value to our audience in providing solutions, answers, and the right product or service for the project. Learn more about this process under the Guest Posts tab.

  • Buildipedia wishes to maintain the greatest possible transparency about how content comes to us, whether through advertising/public relations channels or through editorial channels. We follow the guidelines developed by the ASME to that end.

  • Links within articles (except those in the KnowledgeBase) are inserted at the discretion of the Editorial Department and arise from the research and editorial processes. Buildipedia does not accept requests or remuneration to insert links.

  • We prefer not to republish articles that were published previously, but when we do they will be marked as such and link back to the originating site.

Guest Posts

Industry Reports and Guest Posts

At Buildipedia, we welcome reports, guest posts, and articles written by our advertising partners in the AEC industry. We think that this content has a value to members of our audience who are seeking solutions, answers, and information on the built environment. If you're a vendor, product manufacturer, AEC service provider, or PR rep who would like to see your content published on Buildipedia, consider adding your updates, photos, and news to our Knowledgebase.

  • Buildipedia will publish your content (white papers, product-specific reference materials, or multi-media presentations) in its Knowledgebase in the appropriate MasterFormat division, clearly labeled as "Advertising," with the full support of our layout design team. This post will include an author bio with a link to your website. This costs $250.

Additional placements in the Knowledgebase include the following options:

  • Buildipedia will feature an image of your choosing, clearly labeled as "Advertising," in the Rotator on the Knowledgebase landing page for 2 weeks following the publication of your content as described above. This costs $500.

  • Buildipedia offers to our Knowledgebase partners a discounted rate on display advertising: with the publication of your guest post, you will get a display ad (300 x 250) and 25% of the impressions on the Buildipedia page of your choice – work with us for placements across our site.

2013 Editorial Calendar

2013 Editorial Calendar

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Emerging Green TechnologiesPritzker PrizeHospitality Operations
FoM Municipal Pools, etc.Continuing EducationHeavy Equipment
Commercial MEPProject ManagementEmerging Architects
Residential Solar PowerPritzker Residential BuildsRemodeling
Basements, Flooding, etc.Natural Pest ControlDriveways and Pavement
Curb AppealMoving Tips & Renter’s RightsStorm Readiness and Repair
Climate ChangeAdaptive ReuseSolar Decathlon
FoM of Leisure FacilitiesHistoric PreservationAEC Emerging Careers
Carbon CreditsAEC Billings IndicesColleges and Universities
Kid-Friendly Backyards | HomesteadingResidential ReuseWalls, Windows, Doors
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Guide to Home CoolingOutbuildingOrganization & Storage
MuseumsAEC Legislative Concerns2013’s Best ArchiMoments
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Energy ManagementLEEDHealthy Buildings
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PlumbingKitchensDIY Projects for Winter
Whole Year Guide to WhenGreen Products & MaterialsHouse of the Year

Posts from CSI Members

Posts from CSI Members

Buildipedia invites CSI members to continue their mission of authoring and communicating building information by becoming our content partner. We value your expertise and your unique ability to educate, support, and assist the construction industry. We want to put your reports, blogs, and stories in front of our audience who are seeking solutions, answers, and information on the built environment.

Simple. Becoming a content partner with Buildipedia is easy. Contact us at jennifer.randle@buildipedia.com to get started. Put "CSI Content Partner" in the subject line.

Beneficial to you. Your company or firm will benefit from the promotion that publication on Buildipedia brings – a link to your site will increase traffic. We also offer a discount rate on display ads to CSI members. Contact us at steven.santino@buildipedia.com to learn more.

Beneficial to CSI. Buildipedia and CSI share a mission: to advance building knowledge. Communicating via Buildipedia could be an effective tool for CSI in its continuing efforts to differentiate its value to the construction industry as a whole.

Beneficial to us. We benefit by having informative, engaging content written by industry pros on our site, a tremendous value to our audience.