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Non-Toxic and Chemical-Free Carpet

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Wool carpets are sustainable, chemical-free, and non-toxic.

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Did you know that carpet manufacturers are producing a line of carpeting that is non-toxic and chemical-free? Natural wool carpets are a great option for consumers who want to keep their homes free of potentially harmful chemicals. Let’s take a look at the reasons you may want to use wool carpet in your home.

Wool Is Sustainable

Unlike the fibers in many other types of carpets, which are made from oil via a complicated and energy-intensive process, wool is a naturally renewable resource. It is also completely biodegradable, which means that when you dispose of a wool carpet it will naturally rot and enrich the soil with minerals.

Wool Carpet Is Durable Yet Soft

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Wool is a naturally hard-wearing fabric, which means that you will get decades of use out of a wool carpet. Due to their natural elasticity, wool fibers spring back to their original shape after being trampled or crushed under heavy furniture. Wool carpet is the perfect choice for a high-traffic area of the home or office. It also feels delightfully soft underfoot.

Wool Carpet Is a Good Value

Although wool carpets can be expensive, they are often described as the best carpet that money can buy because of their superior performance. They can last for decades without needing to be replaced, and this type of carpet seems to never go out of style.

Wool Carpet Is Beautiful


When wool carpet is colored by using natural pigments, it takes on a beautiful richness of color. Although wool carpets are susceptible to fading if exposed to bright sunlight for long periods of time, with proper care a wool carpet can stay looking beautiful for many years.

Wool Carpet Is Healthy

Choosing a chemical-free wool carpet keeps your home free of toxic chemicals. Most commercially produced carpets are not only made from oil-derived materials but are also treated with toxic stain-proofing chemicals or pesticides. Many people feel that they don’t want these chemicals in their homes, particularly if they have small children who like to play on the floor or pets.

Does Wool Carpet Cause Allergies?

Some people are concerned that wool carpets are bad for people suffering from asthma or other allergies. The truth is that all carpets harbor dust that can be irritating to the lungs. The advantage of wool carpet is that the strong, natural fibers hold particles of dust safely within the carpet rather than releasing them into the air where they cause irritation. By vacuuming your wool carpet regularly, you can remove these trapped particles from your home altogether.

How to Buy Wool Carpet

Always buy wool carpet from a trusted manufacturer to be sure of getting excellent quality and good value for money. To maximize the environmental friendliness of your purchase, choose a carpet that has been colored by using natural dyes and that incorporates backing made from natural materials such as hemp or cotton. Above all, be confident in your choice: wool carpet is a fantastic option that will benefit your health, the environment, and your home.

Last modified on Mon, Aug 13, 2012

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