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Unit Kitchens

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Unit kitchens are commonly used in instructional settings such as culinary schools, junior high and high schools.  They are designed to re-create home/restaurant cooking conditions for each student.  Unit kitchens were first introduced in 1916 for use in home-economics classrooms.  The unit kitchen allowed for actual training in a “real kitchen”.  The design of each unit in a high school, for example, would either be a small three sided room or a u-shaped area with essential cooking equipment.  Typically the equipment would include a sink, stove, work space, and necessary utensils.  The design would allow open area for the instructor to supervise the activities.  Later, as culinary/cooking schools emerged, they adapted the unit kitchen idea for the “real restaurant kitchen” experience.


Today the term “unit kitchen” also may refer to a kitchenette.  Kitchenettes are very small kitchen areas with compact appliances.  Typically they can be found in smaller urban apartments and condominiums.  Their purpose is to contain all kitchen appliances and necessities in a more efficient footprint.


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