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This is the place to rant, rave, brag, belly-ache, crack a joke, procrastinate, and delve into the metaphysical aspects of the DIY mindset. We’re off the map, on a tangent, and frequently off topic. This is the stuff we don’t show on TV.

Extreme Basement Retrofit

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I’ve good-naturedly taken to calling the Deep Energy Retrofit (DER) of my 1940s Cape Cod style kit home a “self-inflicted wound.” You know those big renovation projects, right? Those are the ones that start with good intentions and then stretch out over months and years. That said, the good news at the Wilson house is that the benefits of the DER are easy to see and feel, and we’re actually glimpsing the light at the end of our renovation tunnel.

Top DIY Power Tools

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If you really want to get some things done around the house, you will need power tools. Jeff Wilson shares his insights regarding which tools are must-haves.

I always loved shows like Roy Underhill’s The Woodwright’s Shop – by watching I can experience, vicariously, detailed woodworking without power tools. Folks like Roy are truly artisans, and I have tremendous respect for that kind of work.

Refrigerators: Recycled

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Don't know what to do with that old refrigerator? Take a tour of a refrigerator recycling facility with Jeff Wilson, and find out how your old appliance can be decontaminated, deconstructed, and reused.

Now, refrigerator recycling may not be what you consider an essential “DIY” topic, but in light of a recent experience I had, I thought you might like to have this question answered: Where the heck do my appliances go when they get hauled away?

Small Houses: The Benefits to a Downsize

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Ever considered the amount of house you choose to occupy? Join Jeff Wilson, the host of Everyday DIY on the At Home channel, in thinking small to see what it can do for you and what great possibilities exist for living in tiny spaces.

Back in my “salad days,” I spent a little time working in a ski town out west, and I do mean working – I had three jobs at any one time and had job titles as diverse as Record Store Clerk, Taxi Driver, Pizza Delivery Guy, and Graveyard Shift Convenience Store Clerk. That last job was the only one I ever had where I had to routinely carry a baseball bat (and I don’t mean that in a good way).

2011 Holiday Gift Buying Guide for DIYers

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Need some ideas for gifts this season? The DIYer in your life will love any of these gifts, whether you choose a tool or select a book or music that he/she can enjoy during holiday "downtime.”

Things are beginning to get festive around the international headquarters of Buildipedia. Our managing editor has been wearing the Santa suit since Halloween, of course, but even the video crew is now sporting the green tights and pointy ears of Santa’s helpers. Indeed, representatives of all holiday traditions roam the corridors of the office, going about their important work with a spring in their steps and jolly tunes on their lips. Not to mention the visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads.

The Essential DIY Tools

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What hand tools do you really need to have around the house? A modest toolbox is enough to get you started for basic home improvement projects.

Every do-it-yourselfer worth his or her salt needs the right tools for the job. For some of us, that means a vast, random collection of obscure and vaguely useful tools like steering wheel pullers and flaring tools for copper tubing. My tool collection includes not only “one use” tools but also several antiques that come from my grandparents and my Dad. Just holding some of those old tools, especially the ones made by hand out of necessity, gives you a whole new perspective on the do-it-yourself mindset. Heck, when was the last time you had to make a tool you needed?

The Procrastinating Blogger

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Meet Jeff Wilson, construction industry expert and host of more than 200 episodes of home improvement shows. Get the inside scoop from Jeff right here on his Everyday DIY blog – and join in the conversation yourself!

I know you’ve been diligently following my DIY Video Series on the At Home Channel here at I mean, c’mon, who would miss all of the excitement of home renovation “as seen on At Home?”

The List

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Does your home repair to-do list seem to be taking over your life? Jeff Wilson, host of Buildipedia's At Home channel, sympathizes and offers sage advice for how to tame that ever-present "Honey-Do" list.

Every aspiring handyman (or handywoman) has a List. Not the list you make when you head out to the home improvement store for materials, or even the short list of things you need to accomplish this weekend. I’m talking about THE List.

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