Solar Decathlon

Solar Decathlon Spotlight: PRISPA House from Romania

Prispa means "porch" in Romanian, and PRISPA House was one of two Eastern European entries to Solar Decathlon Europe 2012, and it is the first such innovative project from Romania.

Buildipedia Coverage: Solar Decathlon Spotlight: PRISPA House from Romania

Team Rhône-Alpes Claims La Victoire at Solar Decathlon 2012

Europe's 2012 Solar Decathlon has a winner! It's Team Rhône-Alpes!

Buildipedia Coverage: Team Rhône-Alpes

Solar Decathlon Europe 2012

Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 brings the world's most innovative solar-powered homes to Madrid.

Buildipedia Coverage: Solar Decathlon Europe 2012

Team New York: The Solar Roof Pod

Intended for existing mid-rise buildings, the solar roof pod enables eco-conscious city dwellers to live lightly by producing solar power, cultivating roof gardens, and retaining and recycling storm water.

Buildipedia Coverage: Team New York's Solar Roof Pod

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Team New Jersey - ENJOY!

Team New Jersey’s eNJoy! house challenges traditional building techniques and suggests a new method of approaching high-performance, energy-efficient homes.

Buildipedia Coverage: Team New Jersey’s eNJoy House

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SCI-Arc/Caltech - CHIP

CHIP is a real-life application of green design in the modern world created by the Southern California Institute of Architecture and California Institute of Technology. CHIP offers a solution to the challenges of home ownership and energy consumption.

Buildipedia Coverage: SCI-Arc/Caltech - CHIP

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Appalachian State University - Solar Homestead

Independence and ingenuity. Appalachian State University's Solar Homestead fuses these values into an ultra-efficient home that integrates renewable resources and innovative technology.

Buildipedia Coverage: Appalachian State University’s Solar Homestead (w/ Video)

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Team Florida - Flex House

Team Florida's FleX House is a flexible, modular building system designed for a young, moderate-income couple in Florida's hot, humid, and sunny climate.

Buildipedia Coverage: Team Florida's FleX House

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Florida International - perFORM[D]ance House

A solar-powered house that performs in real time by sensing and responding to the generation and acquisition of energy.

Buildipedia Coverage: Florida International - perFORM[D]ance House

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Team Hawaii - Hale Pilihonua

Designed to address residential needs in Hawaii's tropical climate, the University of Hawaii's semi-monocoque house, named Hale Pilihonua, is a sustainable and affordable solution for middle-income homebuyers.

Buildipedia Coverage: Team Hawaii's Hale Pilihonua

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Team Illinois - Re_home

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Re_home is designed for rapid assembly after a natural disaster. This solar-powered house demonstrates how environmentally aware living can be brought to the forefront of a community-led recovery effort.

Buildipedia Coverage: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Re_home

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University of Maryland - WaterShed

The University of Maryland's WaterShed draws inspiration from the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem, connecting the landscape and the people who live in it. The house form provides a variety of indoor-outdoor living arrangements and gives flexibility to its inhabitants.

Buildipedia Coverage: University of Maryland - WaterShed

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Massachusetts - 4D Home

4D Home integrates advanced technology through intuitive user interfaces, which are accessible to all ages and provide a balance between feedback and automation—ultimately teaching residents about their energy consumption and production.

Buildipedia Coverage: Massachusetts 4D Home

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Middlebury College - Self Reliance

Appropriately titled after Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay, Self Reliance is a modern twist on the New England farmhouse vernacular and features a gabled roof that efficiently sheds snow but is also familiar and helps people to identify it as a home.

Buildipedia Coverage: Middlebury College's Self Reliance

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Team New Zealand: First Light

With its clean, simple lines and use of natural, low-maintenance materials, First Light puts a contemporary spin on the traditional Kiwi bach. Weather and climate are intertwined with the design philosophy of the First Light house to encourage an awareness of how to work with a changing climate rather than against it.

Buildipedia Coverage: Team New Zealands's First Light

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The Ohio State University - enCORE

The Ohio State University's enCORE presents a family-friendly solution to the world’s growing energy and residential needs.The layout revolves around a sophisticated central core that contains all of the house’s mechanical and plumbing systems.

Buildipedia Coverage: The Ohio State University's enCORE

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Parsons - Empowerhouse

By taking a community-based approach to building, Empowerhouse offers a simple, affordable, ultra-efficient home that addresses all aspects of domestic life.

Buildipedia Coverage: Parson's Empowerhouse

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Purdue University - INhome

The INhome—short for Indiana home—is an innovative, yet practical, house that meets the needs of a typical Midwestern consumer in today's cost-competitive residential market.

Buildipedia Coverage: Purdue INhome

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University of Tennessee - Living Light

The forms and spaces of Living Light were inspired by the cantilever barns of southern Appalachia, the systems in the dynamic façade and integrated roof array are scalable and tunable to a range of climates and applications.

Buildipedia Coverage: University of Tennessee - Living Light

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Tidewater Virginia - Unit 6 Unplugged

Unit 6 Unplugged draws its inspiration from passive environmental precedents found in a variety of dwellings in the Tidewater region of southeastern Virginia and creates a market-competitive, affordable, and localized approach to urban housing in-fill.

Buildipedia Coverage: Tidewater Virginia - Unit 6 Unplugged

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