Decorating a Rental Kitchen

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Rental kitchens and apartment kitchens can be small places, and your lease may limit your decorating options. However, these decorating ideas for rental kitchens take limitations of small spaces and leases into account.

Building a Healthy Kitchen

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Follow these simple suggestions to create a workable, intelligently designed kitchen that will add to your family's health and enjoyment without spending a fortune.

Choosing Green Materials for Kitchen Remodeling

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The kitchen is one of the most expensive parts of the house to remodel – they contain a good deal of specialty equipment and many major appliances. The fundamental concepts behind green building also apply to remodeling: energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and renewable or sustainable materials.

Maintenance Tips: Refrigerators

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By performing a few simple maintenance tasks, you can keep your refrigerator functioning efficiently throughout its expected lifespan – and maybe even longer.

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) 2009 American Housing Survey (AHS), most homes today have some type of refrigerator. These are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and types, big enough for a family of six or small enough for a single person. Whatever type you may have, one thing is certain: your must maintain your refrigerator. According to the Study of Life Expectancy of Home Components, prepared in 2007 by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the average life expectancy of a standard refrigerator is 13 years. Keep it clean, perform simple maintenance tasks, and you’ll help your refrigerator to operate longer than expected.

ROI-Driven Products: Appliances

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Replacing old appliances really can save energy – and money. How much money? These calculations, based on Energy Star labeling, help you find out.

Over the past decade, many Americans have seen the need to reduce their energy consumption. Some people have chosen to pursue this lifestyle change in order to live green and save the planet. In many cases, though, this reduction in energy consumption is driven by the savings that can be achieved by decreasing energy costs. Opportunities to deliver these energy savings occur throughout a home: replacing old appliances with new ones can create a significant return on investment (ROI).

Eight Great Innovations for the Kitchen of the Future

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As the most utilized and action-packed room in the home, the kitchen has long been a focus of forward-thinking product engineers and manufacturers. The latest appliance innovations on the market include induction cooktops that can boil water in a mere minute, LED-lit refrigerators with specialized temperature bins, and dishwashers that can silently steam clean an entire dinner party’s worth of dishes.

Tips for Designing a Kitchen on a Budget

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Whether you’re building new or working with an existing space, designing a kitchen can get costly. Major renovations aside, however, there are ways that you can affordably design your space without sacrificing aesthetic quality – you just have to get a bit more creative and a whole lot craftier with your budget. We’ve put together a few tips for altering or building your kitchen for less, while still accomplishing a fantastic and fresh new look.

How to Install a Solid-Surface Kitchen Countertop

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Installing countertops is easy if you know what problems to avoid: unlevel surfaces, out-of-square walls, unfavorable corner conditions, and built-in equipment.

Countertops not only provide the main work surfaces in a kitchen, but they also offer an opportunity to add a splash of color and materiality to the space. With the nearly limitless design options for countertops, choosing the material and color is often the most difficult part of installing new kitchen countertops. Depending on the type of material, fabricating a kitchen countertop can be a challenge for a do-it-yourselfer, but installing the countertop is a project almost any do-it-yourselfer can handle. Join our host, Jeff Wilson, as he completes the kitchen and offers tips on installing a recycled glass countertop.

How to Install Kitchen Base Cabinets

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Cabinets are a fundamental part of any kitchen. Kitchen cabinets not only provide storage, but they define spatial organization and workflow for one of the most used spaces in a home. As such, cabinets are a focal point of every kitchen, and proper installation is essential to both aesthetic and functional qualities. The cabinets need to be square, level, and secure so doors and drawers operate properly and provide stable support for the countertops and fixtures. With the right tools and a little patience, installing kitchen cabinets is a project any do-it-yourselfer can handle. Join our host, Jeff Wilson, as he installs new base cabinets for a small kitchen.

How to Use Glass Blocks in a Kitchen

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