Michel Theriault

Michel Theriault

Michel Theriault is the author of the new book “Managing Facilities and Real Estate." He is an independent consultant providing strategic and management solutions for Facility Managers. He has many years of experience in all areas of FM, including operations, performance management, change management, customer service, service level definitions, outsourcing, and RFP’s. He authors a blog at thebuiltenvironment.ca and recently started a new website for FM surveys and research at www.fminsight.com. He welcomes your comments and feedback at michel@strategicadvisor.ca or strategicadvisor.ca.

Life Cycle View: Total Cost of Ownership Drives Behavior

Thu, Dec 08, 2011

Initial costs represent only 15% of a building’s total cost. If you ignore this when developing a building, you are wasting the other 85% of your costs. Keeping the initial capital cost as low as possible seems right, but it’s costing you a lot more over the life of the building. Visibility into the total cost of ownership is one way to address this. Justification and decisions should be based on the total cost of ownership, not just initial costs.

Intelligent Benchmarking and Beyond

Thu, Dec 15, 2011

Measuring is the best way to improve what you are doing. Doing it right is the trick.

Benchmarking is a form of measurement – where you measure something else to see where you are lagging, identify the areas and take corrective action. This is the essence of benchmarking. Incorporate this as part of your Health Check, as discussed earlier.