How to Install a Handheld Shower Fixture

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One of the final steps in completing a custom shower project is selecting and installing the shower fixtures. While the task of selecting a shower fixture from the wide variety of styles can be challenging, installing the fixture is a simple job. With basic plumbing tools and skills, any do-it-yourselfer can install a shower fixture. Join our host, Jeff Wilson, for a tutorial on installing a handheld shower fixture in the continuation of our custom bathroom series.

How to Tile a Custom Bathroom

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Ceramic tile is an ideal choice for walls and floors in any bathroom. It’s durable, impervious to water, and comes in an almost limitless selection of colors and styles. Tiling a custom bathroom with your own hands is a rewarding project for an experienced do-it-yourselfer. Join our host, Jeff Wilson, as he offers guidance on installing wall and floor tile in the second installment of Buildipedia's custom bathroom series.

How to Install a Tileable Shower Base

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Basic tiling skills can be very useful in many home improvement projects, but some tiling projects can prove daunting for even experienced DIY'ers. Installing tile for a custom shower is one of those projects. That has often meant leaving the job of custom showers to the pros – until now. Now there are new preformed bases on the market that allow a “do-it-yourselfer” with basic tile skills and tools to install a custom shower. Join our host, Jeff Wilson, for a tutorial on installing a tileable shower basin in a custom bathroom.

How to Fix a Leaking Toilet

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Repositioning and Replacing a Wax Ring

If you have noticed water damage near the base of your toilet, chances are your toilet’s wax ring has failed. Although toilet leaks have several common causes, only a bad wax ring will require the removal and resetting of the toilet. When this problem occurs you could call a plumber or you could arm yourself with a little know-how and fix the leaking toilet yourself. To complete the job you will need towels, a flathead screwdriver, a crescent wrench, gloves, a putty knife, and a hacksaw.

Maintenance Tips: Whirlpool Tubs

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According to the Study of Life Expectancy of Home Components, which was prepared in 2007 by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the average life expectancy of a whirlpool tub is 20-50 years (number based on the fixture itself, not the circulation system). The life expectancy of the circulation system (the pump, fittings, and piping) will vary depending on the amount of use. A whirlpool tub should be maintained like any other bathtub or shower, with one exception: what you don't see. A whirlpool tub's circulation system isn't readily visible, providing a perfect environment for the growth of bacteria.

Maintenance Tips: Bathroom Vanities

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Bathroom vanities are comprised of a base or furniture cabinet, a countertop mounted to the top of the cabinet, a sink, a faucet, and a drain stop assembly located at the bottom of the sink which allows water to drain or be collected. Maintaining each component can be overwhelming, given that there are several different styles, manufacturers, and types of materials used. However, there are only a few components that require regular inspection and/or maintenance to ensure proper function.

Maintenance Tips: Bathtubs and Showers

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Remnants of dirt, debris, and soap that are not rinsed down the drain can harden on the surface of a bathtub or shower, forming a residue. Limiting the amount of residue is important because mildew often grows in areas where residue is not properly removed. Also, areas that are prone to water infiltration should be regularly inspected and repaired as necessary.

Maintenance Tips: Bathroom Exhaust Fans

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Moisture in a bathroom can lead to peeling finishes, warped doors, and even mold. The purpose of a bathroom exhaust fan is to control moisture and remove airborne odors and pollutants. While maintenance of bathroom exhaust fans is quite often overlooked, a proper maintenance schedule will ensure quiet and efficient operation, increase the fan's lifespan, improve indoor air quality, and keep the unit attractive in appearance.

Bathtubs and Surrounds: Refinish or Replace

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As mentioned in the “Wallpaper Removal” article, my wife and I are currently in the process of updating our 1980’s home.  Concentrating on the kids' bathroom, we first removed all original wallpaper and selected updated paint colors and flooring.  Realizing that our dull, worn out, almond fiberglass tub was not going to fit in with our vision, we decided to look into the different refinishing and replacement options.  We also decided that if the tub was going to go, so to was the almond toilet and vanity.  Before I realized it, I was replacing everything but the rough framing.  While maintaining a positive attitude and considering our long term objectives, I began to tackle the project in my spare time while allowing the kids to use our bathroom.

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