Eight Great Innovations for the Kitchen of the Future

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As the most utilized and action-packed room in the home, the kitchen has long been a focus of forward-thinking product engineers and manufacturers. The latest appliance innovations on the market include induction cooktops that can boil water in a mere minute, LED-lit refrigerators with specialized temperature bins, and dishwashers that can silently steam clean an entire dinner party’s worth of dishes.

Eight Great Innovations for the Kitchen of the Future

So what’s next for the modern, multifaceted, high-tech kitchen? The next generation of kitchen appliances and gadgets is inspired by the three aspects of the kitchen that consumers seem to care about the most: efficiency, enjoyment, and environmental consciousness. Within the next few years, be on the lookout for these eight innovations.

  1. Wireless appliances. Wireless power is replacing traditional power cords and wires. This technology is expected to make its way to your blender, hand mixer, toaster, and other small kitchen appliances, allowing you to free counter space, eliminate cord tangles, and reduce the hazards associated with wet power cords.

  2. Electronic inventory control. The kitchen of the future is likely to include technology that knows what you have in the fridge, what your favorite recipes require, and what you need to purchase on your next grocery run. In addition, these technological advancements will be able to keep up with expiration dates and exact measurements of the ingredients you have on hand.

  3. Multifunctional cabinets. Who says the dishwasher and the kitchen cabinet can’t be one and the same? Researchers are currently exploring the development of modular cabinets that include dishwashing technology – making doing the dishes and putting them away one and the same.

  4. Advanced programming for appliances. Think beyond the programmable coffeemaker that automatically comes to life at 6:00 a.m. Product developers anticipate that all kitchen appliances will someday be controlled via online applications. Which means you can play outside with the kids while turning down the heat on your marinara.

  5. Touch-free technology. In addition to saving time, touch-free technology reduces the spread of germs and promotes a healthier lifestyle. This technology is already available for water faucets, soap dispensers, and lighting; expect it to become more mainstream and to find its way into other aspects of the kitchen.

  6. Integrated compost bins. No longer relegated to the backyard, compost bins may become a standard appliance feature. Imagine dumping organic material into your disposal, hitting the compost button, and pulling out a special bin with your composted material when you’re ready to use it.

  7. Built-in LCD screen. Remember we mentioned the likelihood of all appliances being controlled online? Well, this built-in countertop computer will not only serve allow you to operate your kitchen lights and appliances from a handy touch screen, but it will also double as an in-kitchen entertainment system. Listen to music, watch your shows, read the paper, and watch how-to videos as you make your favorite recipes.

  8. Digital home system. The possibilities are endless with this digital version of a dry-erase board /eco-meter/communications station. Check the weather and the time. Video chat with your mom. Track your family’s real-time consumption of water and electricity throughout the home. Find and organize recipes. Merge your fridge inventory control system with your selected recipes and your newly formed grocery list. Download to your phone, or simply push a button to place an order with your local grocer.

Although we’re sure to witness the emergence of some of these anticipated new kitchen advancements in the years ahead, one thing is certain: all of this technology is being developed to encourage human interaction, rather than to create a cold and robotic kitchen. The next-generation inventions that eventually make their way into your kitchen will be the ones that maximize time, minimize waste, and rally behind the mantra for which the kitchen has long been known: family, friends, and food.

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