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Remodeling: Trends in Kitchen Floors

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The kitchen is often regarded as the most used space in a home. Whether it’s small and tiny or massive and spacious, a kitchen area should be complemented by adequate flooring. In larger homes, the area comes with a kitchen island, a dining space, and lengthy countertop section.

5 Swimming Pool Patio Ideas

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Having an outdoor pool at home provides welcome relief from summer heat, keeps your kids engaged and active, and can serve as a focal point for entertaining. These five simple upgrades will make your pool amazing.

Decorating a Rental Kitchen

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Rental kitchens and apartment kitchens can be small places, and your lease may limit your decorating options. However, these decorating ideas for rental kitchens take limitations of small spaces and leases into account.

Camping Influences Home Design

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If you’re planning to build a house on a rural site, it’s a good idea to try to camp there first, to get a sense of the site’s key features and best orientations. These houses blur the boundary between indoors and outdoors.

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