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Learn how adaptive reuse and upcycling can add hip design to your home, apartment, or yard with the Go Green channel's {Re}habitat series. Follow host Rachael Ranney as she shows you how to repurpose salvaged and found materials, adding fun and function to your space without breaking your budget.

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In this tutorial, Rachael puts her power tools to use to refinish an industrial buffet table, adding an inlaid wooden counter made of salvaged lathes.

Year round here in the Midwest, flea markets and antique shows are some of the best places to source and locate unique and affordable project materials for a DIYer like me. Whether you are searching for epic architectural salvage for large-scale projects or small vintage accents to brighten and bring personality into your home, antique shows can be a treasure trove of possibilities.

DIY Litter Box Cabinet

Written by Rachael Ranney Tue Aug 28 2012

Turn any small cabinet into a stylish way to hide your litter box, with a convenient removable top and cat door.

Join Rachael Ranney to see three ways to upcycle wine bottles into simple and elegant outdoor lighting.

Follow our step-by-step guide to learn how to turn any wooden chair into a stunning focal point. Rachael covered an Eames-style frame with cowhide to transform a battered old chair. 

Upcycled Rain Barrel

Written by Rachael Ranney Thu Jun 14 2012

Create an eco-friendly and attractive DIY Rain Barrel for your garden.

Rachael Ranney, the host of {Re}habitat, shows you how to construct and install a DIY rain barrel. By using a recycled plastic drum to collect, store, and dispense rainwater, you can keep your garden growing strong, even through the drier months of the year.

DIY Medicine Cabinet

Written by Rachael Ranney Wed May 30 2012

Sometimes it is the materials that inspire the project. Here Rachael Ranney, host of {Re}habitat, finds the perfect use for a long-cherished wooden picture frame.

Part of the charm and allure of DIY design is that you can rely on your own creativity and intuition to transform items you already own into unique décor and furniture for your home. These pieces are the ones that truly reflect your personal style, and you can usually save a little cash by constructing them yourself at home versus buying everything prebuilt.

DIY Vintage Crate Storage

Written by Rachael Ranney Wed Apr 25 2012

Learn how to utilize the unique small spaces in your home using a collection of vintage crates, sewing drawers, and shipping boxes creatively repurposed into a funky shelving unit. Rachael Ranney, host of Buildipedia’s {Re}habitat, takes you step by step through this super easy project, a perfect way to add storage and style to your home on the cheap.

The bathroom – most often the smallest room in the house, and home to perhaps the greatest variety of stuff – is the first challenge that I have decided to tackle while settling into my new home.

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