Division 21 Fire Supression

Division 21 Fire Suppression captures the scope of work at a project site inside the footprint of a building or structure which deals with suppressing a fire.  This will encompass water based fire suppression systems, fire extinguishing systems, fire pumps, and fire suppression water storage.  Water based fire suppression systems include Wet-Pipe Sprinkler Systems, Dry-Pipe Sprinkler Systems, Preaction Sprinkler Systems, Combined Dry-Pipe and Preaction Sprinkler Systems, Deluge Fire-Suppression Sprinkler Systems, Water Spray Fixed Systems, Antifreeze Sprinkler Systems, and Foam-Water Systems.  Fire extinguishing systems include Carbon-Dioxide Fire-Extinguishing Systems, Clean-Agent Fire-Extinguishing Systems, and Wet-Chemical Fire-Extinguishing Systems.  Fire pumps are included whenever the water pressure is not sufficient to maintain the fire marshal’s published requirements of a water based fire suppression system.  Fire suppression water storage is included whenever the available water supply does not meet the fire marshal’s published requirements for duration.