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How Feasible Is It to Remodel Your Attic?

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Remodeling your attic can not only give you much needed space for your family right now, but it adds to the future resale value of your home. So how difficult is it to turn your attic into an extra room?

Converting your unfinished attic into usable space is one way to increase the size of your home. From recreational spaces to bedrooms, the possibilities are nearly endless for an attic remodel. Before you start drawing up the plans, you should review the following things to make sure the project makes sense.

How to Measure for Curtains

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Environmentally Conscious Landscaping Tips for Challenging Climates and Terrain

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Uneven terrain and climate extremes are two of the biggest challenges homeowners face when attempting to create beautiful, low-maintenance, environmentally conscious residential landscapes. Having a realistic expectation of cost and time requirements, as well as a thorough knowledge of native plants, soil composition, rainfall expectancy, irrigation systems, and local permitting regulations can dramatically impact the long-term success of an outdoor project.

House of the Month: Rain or Shine, This House Is Always Green

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RainShine is the first modernist LEED Platinum house in the Southeast, according to architect Robert M. Cain.

Retired couple Chuck and Mary Bosserman purchased a lot near downtown Decatur, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, with the goal of building an energy-efficient home filled with natural light, cooled by cross-breezes, and supportive of their active lifestyle. However, they accomplished much more than that. Their vision, executed with the expertise of architect Robert M. Cain, AIA, LEED AP, resulted in a home that exceeds LEED Platinum standards – the greenest level of certification in the organization’s pilot program for homes. Dubbed “RainShine,” the home uses nearly half the energy of its traditional counterparts, and its modern aesthetic has attracted the attention of the community, creating opportunities for education.

Upcycled Rain Barrel

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Create an eco-friendly and attractive DIY Rain Barrel for your garden.

Rachael Ranney, the host of {Re}habitat, shows you how to construct and install a DIY rain barrel. By using a recycled plastic drum to collect, store, and dispense rainwater, you can keep your garden growing strong, even through the drier months of the year.

The Character and Durability of Reclaimed Wood Flooring

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What makes reclaimed wood so appealing? Its appeal is based on more than just the patina it has acquired during its years of use as a building material… the character associated with old wood started developing when it was still in the forest.

Wood utilized more than a century ago in the construction of old barns, factories, and warehouses throughout the United States is now one of the most highly desirable and sought-after raw materials in the flooring industry. Popular in both residential and commercial environments, vintage reclaimed wood flooring is appreciated by architects and designers for its history, quality, character, and environmental benefits.

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