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Bathroom remodeling is one of the best ways to add function and value to your home.

Although the bathroom is one of the most frequently used areas of the home, it is often the last on the list to receive upgrades and remodeling. In recent years, however, many homeowners have followed the trend of not only updating their bathrooms but doing a complete overhaul to improve functionality and create a spa-like atmosphere. These additions usually include large, airy showers; new light fixtures; and the removal of walls, when applicable, to create open space.

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One such case, the Ruedrich Project, features a remodel in which a drab bathroom with outdated fixutres and poor layout was transformed to a functional oasis. The three-month project was completed by Dave Fox Design/Build Remodelers, Inc., a residential design firm based in Columbus, Ohio.


The bathroom’s design was inspired by the client’s love for the beach. “[The homeowners] requested a beach theme with blues and glass block,” says Gary Demos, president of Dave Fox Design/Build Remodelers, Inc. “They also wanted a large station shower. The beach theme was very important.” Keeping the client’s wishes and approximate $60,000 budget in mind, the team went to work. “We work on a design team with an [in-house] interior designer,” Demos says. The team’s interior designer took the client’s vision and selected an array of colors and finishes that would fit the client’s aesthetic desires. “We narrowed down the selection to just a handful so they wouldn’t have to pick from thousands of options,” Demos says.

Improving Functionality through Reconfiguration

glass block curved wall in bathroom remodel

While the team’s interior designer worked with the client to select colors and finishes for the bathroom, the rest of the team concentrated on transforming the existing layout into a more functional space. “The existing configuration did not help with the design at all,” Demos says. In order to create a spacious, beach feel, the original bathtub was removed and eliminated altogether from the new design. There was also “major relocation,” which included relocating the vanity cabinets and the toilet to create a separate lavatory area, according to Demos. The relocation of the existing fixtures required that the floor be removed and the plumbing be rerouted. “The reconfiguration of the room greatly increased the functionality, especially in the shower area,” Demos says. “Most people prefer to take showers instead of baths, so this was a better use of the space.”

In addition to the relocation of existing fixtures, the finished bathroom features beadboard wainscoting that also serves as a 5'-wide shelf for decorative beach items and a custom, 7' curbed glass shower. The Ruedrich Project was the firm’s first project to feature the shower’s curbed glass block and tile design, which is Demos’ favorite feature due to its “unique shape and materials.” The vanity was upgraded from a single-bowl design to a double-bowl, double-mirror design, which also increased functionality for the client.

The complete Ruedrich Project includes a remodeled kitchen, in addition to the home’s bathroom.

remodeled bathroom in ocean colors with white cabinets
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