Vintage Doily Table Runner

Written by  Rachael Ranney Wed Nov 16 2011 Last modified on Tue Jul 10 2012

Set a fantastic and festive table with vintage doilies. Rachael Ranney, host of Buildipedia's {Re}habitat, takes you step by step through this easy project, perfect work for a chilly evening.

Create a beautiful table runner using vintage linen and cotton doilies to bring some unique flair to your holiday dinner parties. I have often come across large collections of these linens at antique malls and flea markets. You may have to begin acquiring them one or two at a time, but try to buy them in bulk from an individual dealer: you’ll probably get a better deal.

Tools & Materials

  • 10-15 Vintage cotton and linen doilies (in varying sizes and tones)

  • Pins

  • White thread

  • Quilting needle

Vintage Doily Table Runner

  1. To begin, lay out your materials on a long work surface and arrange them in a funky overlapping pattern until you find a design that you like. Keep in mind that you are going to want the finished table runner to hang 6”–10” over the ends of your dinner table. I used the tones and textures of the individual pieces to determine their layout in the final piece.

  2. Vintage Doily Table Runner
  3. Once you have determined how your table runner is going to be arranged, pin all of the pieces together so that they stay put as you sew the material together.

  4. Vintage Doily Table Runner Vintage Doily Table Runner
  5. Linen and cotton doilies are generally very delicate so you will be attaching them by using very small stitches around the outside edges of the individual doilies. I chose a simple off-white cotton thread for this project, and my stitches became very successfully lost in the texture of the final piece!

Vintage Doily Table Runner

This beautiful and eco-friendly table runner will become the focal point of your holiday table this season!

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Rachael Ranney

Rachael Ranney

Rachael Ranney is the host and one of the creative forces behind the sustainable design and home décor series {Re}habitat on This environmentally friendly how-to series focuses on repurposing salvaged, vintage, and recycled furniture and house wares in your home and garden.

As a lifetime treasure hunter, Rachael grew up scouring Midwest flea markets and thrift shops for unique and beautiful pieces. Raised among tinkerers and artists to value sustainable design, she is constantly pushing herself to see the beauty and possibilities within forgotten things.

Constantly inspired by the online green design and DIY communities, Rachael never stops searching for new projects and materials, discovering how to apply green practices everyday to her home and life.