Jeff Calcamuggio

Jeff Calcamuggio

Jeff is an Editor-at-Large for who writes and edits Featured At Home and Knowledgebase content. Prior to joining Buildipedia, Jeff's work experience included carpentry, construction documentation, specification writing, construction administration, project management, and real estate property inspection. Jeff is a member of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) and an educator at Columbus State Community College and enjoys challenging DIY home improvement projects.


What to Do about Ice Dams

Tue, Jan 03, 2012

Having ice in your gutters is not simply an inevitable part of winter. Icy buildup along gutters is symptomatic of uneven heating and snowmelt. Ice dams can result in damage to your home, but you can take steps to safely remove them. You should also consider performing the following simple maintenance tasks once warmer weather arrives in order to prevent ice dams from forming in the future.

Set The Mood: Install A Dimmer Switch

Tue, Feb 09, 2010

Three recessed ceiling light fixtures flood the fireplace in our family room. Sometime after we moved in, the dimmer switch that controls the lights stopped functioning properly. It turned the lights on and off, but did not dim them. We were not concerned with our inability to dim the lights and affect the mood of the room because the light bulbs' brightness at that time was not an issue. Recently, we started replacing our incandascent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL). The CFL bulbs we purchased have a higher lumen output than the incandescents, resulting in a brighter light. It was now time to solve our dimming problem.

Shower Rise

Tue, Dec 22, 2009

Problems can occur with any type of renovation project.  Prior to installing our new three piece acrylic bathtub and surround, we determined that the existing locations of both the shower arm and tub spout were too low.  While we had hoped to keep the existing plumbing intact, we realized that we would need to redo the rough plumbing to relocate the shower arm and tub spout.

Since our house already had copper plumbing pipes, we decided to replace the existing tub and shower pipes with copper, rather than PEX or CPVC.  Even though I have done some plumbing in the past, I had reservations about soldering the copper piping and fittings.

Winterizing Your Home

Tue, Dec 08, 2009

We have all performed the recommended winter car maintenance to ensure proper operation and have put our summer clothes away for the year.  But have we readied our home for the winter as well?  Preparing your home for cold winter weather not only contributes to your general comfort, but it can also contribute to keeping money in your pocket.

Bathtubs and Surrounds: Refinish or Replace

Tue, Dec 01, 2009

As mentioned in the “Wallpaper Removal” article, my wife and I are currently in the process of updating our 1980’s home.  Concentrating on the kids' bathroom, we first removed all original wallpaper and selected updated paint colors and flooring.  Realizing that our dull, worn out, almond fiberglass tub was not going to fit in with our vision, we decided to look into the different refinishing and replacement options.  We also decided that if the tub was going to go, so to was the almond toilet and vanity.  Before I realized it, I was replacing everything but the rough framing.  While maintaining a positive attitude and considering our long term objectives, I began to tackle the project in my spare time while allowing the kids to use our bathroom.

Wallpaper Removal

Fri, Nov 13, 2009

A few years ago, our family moved into a home built in the 1980’s. The home has a nice exterior, other than the overgrown landscaping, and the interior plan is functional; however, the decor is original and is in need of updating. While my wife is a big fan of 80’s music, she can do without the decor from that era, and was determined on updating everything during our first month in the home.





Cellular PVC Trim: The Durable Aesthetic Option

Thu, Aug 26, 2010

Coil Wrap vs. Cellular PVC Trim
Exterior trim is an essential component of a home's appearance and resale value. More importantly, it provides protection from moisture at corners and around window and door openings, where material transitions occur. Traditionally, exterior trim has been made of wood due to its low initial cost, ease of installation, and familiarity as a building material. However, several materials are available as a replacement for wood trim, including coil wrap and cellular PVC trim.

The Challenge of Trim Work

Thu, Sep 10, 2009

I have always enjoyed working with wood and tools, especially tools that cut, hammer and pry.  My interest was instilled by my grandfather, who was a carpenter by trade.  As a child, I'd spend time in the garage with him, watching and learning.  While he worked productively on any given project, I'd be joining two varying length pieces of awkwardly hand sawn 2x4's with half driven 8 and 16d common nails, in no real pattern.

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