Mark Kowalczyk

Mark Kowalczyk

Mark Kowalczyk works for Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company and is currently building a $70M biopharmaceutical HQ for Agensys in Santa Monica, CA. He has a masters in construction engineering and management from USC, and also teaches undergraduates in construction management.

Lean Construction: Management Practices That Have Moved from the Factory to the Jobsite

Tue, May 29, 2012

Lean Construction, intended to maximize value and minimize waste, is not simply an add-on to business-as-usual, but a paradigm-shifting concept.

Although the term "Lean Construction" is often bandied about by those who want to discuss its merits in detail or by those who wish to dismiss it quickly as irrelevant, in truth very few construction professionals understand its potential and power. This latest in a series of articles (following Productivity and Cost Control) will define and dissect Lean Construction and its impact on a jobsite.

Cost Control and Productivity

Thu, Apr 19, 2012

In order for the construction industry to achieve real gains in productivity, new work habits and workflows must be adopted. Fortunately, new tools and technologies can help with this process.

Each day, the members of the team talk with one another to verify tasks for the day. Each week, the superintendent holds foreman’s meetings to gather and disseminate information to the field. Each month, the general contractor meets with the subcontractors and suppliers to verify approval and release of materials. A strong and productive project depends on this type of structure and diligent methodology.