Roofer Sees Preference Shift in Roofing Products

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Second-generation roofer Stacy Stines remembers when his father started the family business in 1978 with a focus on using real wood shakes for roofs. Over the years Stines has seen a change – and a growing preference among homeowners for longer-lasting polymer roofing products.

Roofer Sees Preference Shift in Roofing Products Image courtesy of DaVinci Roofscapes

“Half of the roofs I install these days are polymer shake or slate products,” says Stines, owner of Stacy Stines Roofing out of Elk Park, North Carolina, and a member of the DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor program. “The benefits are so tremendous for these low-maintenance roofing materials that there are entire communities in this mountainous area that mandate replacement roofs all be made of fire-resistant polymer material.”

One such community, Valle Cay near Boone, North Carolina, includes 47 homes constructed in 1984 with real wood shake shingles. Due to rot, weathering, and curling, many of those roofs have failed, and Stines has replaced seven of them since 2008. In the heavily wooded area the association now recommends all roofs be replaced with DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Shake roofing tiles in a Tahoe blend of five shades of natural wood.

DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Shake

“Once someone sees this product installed, they love it and want it on their own home,” says Stines. “The roof has a good profile and dimension to it, the color blends are terrific, and the advantage of knowing you have a roof backed by a 50-year limited warranty is extremely impressive.

“The private Valle Cay community has made a wise choice in suggesting staggered shake polymer roofs. The appearance perfectly mimics real wood shake, but the DaVinci product resists fire, strong winds, and high impact. From an installation standpoint, these faux wood tiles are fast and easy to install --- and there’s no splitting or splintering for us to deal with like we’ve found in real wood shakes.”

DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Shake DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Shake

DaVinci Shake roofing tiles may perform more than twice as long as their natural counterparts, providing superior impact performance and fire resistance over the entire product life when compared to wood shingles. Each tile is made of 100% pure virgin resins that include organic fire retardant, state-of-the-art color, and ultraviolet stabilizers and inorganic pigments that are safe for the environment. Each tile is completely recyclable, and selecting DaVinci Shake roof tiles instead of wood shakes saves trees.

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DaVinci Roofscapes has manufactured award-winning polymer slate and shake roofing since 1999. The roofing tiles are virtually maintenance-free and far more cost-effective than the natural product. DaVinci leads the industry in tile thickness, tile width variety, and the greatest selection of subtle earth-toned colors. Company products have a 50-year limited warranty and are 100% recyclable. DaVinci proudly makes its products in the United States and is a member of the National Association of Home Builders, the Cool Roof Rating Council, and the U.S. Green Building Council. For additional information call 1-800-328-4624 or visit

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