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Written by  Anderson Windows

Building or remodeling a home requires constant communication among architects, contractors, and homeowners. The hundreds of decisions to be made can be daunting, beginning with the most basic: What style of house do we want? The building or remodeling process is often muddled with miscommunication.

The Andersen Home Style Library by Andersen Windows Image courtesy of Andersen Windows

That’s why Andersen Windows, through careful research aimed at simplifying and enhancing the experience, developed the Andersen Home Style Library for Andersen A-Series windows and patio doors.

The Andersen Home Style Library gives homeowners the tools to help them to communicate their vision of home, whether it’s new construction or remodeling an existing house to achieve a particular style. It also gives contractors and architects a common language to best understand their customers' desires and make them reality.

The Home Style Library will expand in time; for now it offers illustrations and descriptions of the 10 most popular residential building styles found across the United States:

  • Tudor,

  • French Eclectic,

  • Spanish Colonial,

  • Queen Anne,

  • American Farmhouse,

  • Georgian/Federal,

  • Craftsman Bungalow,

  • Prairie,

  • Ranch, and

  • Modern.

The development of the Andersen Home Style Library was made possible by the flexibility of Andersen A-Series windows and patio doors, an upper premium product line based on the principle that style should and can be attainable. A-Series products make it easy to dream, easy to design, and easy to install. The A-Series also represents the best-performing windows and doors Andersen has ever produced.

The A-Series includes a full line of window and door styles from casement to awning to double-hung, as well as gliding, hinged, and folding patio doors. Each style has common sight lines, glass setbacks, and matching profiles. The A-Series includes common, simple sizing, with custom sizing available, and compatible hardware and grille options, which work together to give free rein to any style without the limitations of incompatible product design.

Last modified on Fri, Aug 24, 2012
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