Top Ten Pinterest Boards for Architecture

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Pinterest! One of the fastest growing social networks on the Web today is also an amazing resource for architecture students, practicing architects, and those with a passion for the art form. Dr. Tami Hausman, one of the AEC industry's foremost strategic planners, gives us her top ten picks.

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(This list is in alphabetical order by board.)

architecture & design ♥

architecture & design ♥ - Pinner: Carmen Barahona

Pinner: Carmen Barahona

architecture in a whole new way

architecture in a whole new way - Pinner: Audrey Alai

Pinner: Audrey Alai

Architects' Fashion

Architects' Fashion - Pinner: Knuk

Pinner: Knuk

Art-chitecture Art-chitecture - Pinner: Archinect

Pinner: Archinect

Blissful Architectural shapes

Blissful Architectural shapes - Pinner: Rosslyn Hind

Pinner: Rosslyn Hind

Design 20th century

Design 20th century - Pinner: Gabija Jankauskaite

Pinner: Gabija Jankauskaite

Architectural Drawings

Architectural Drawings - Pinner: John Hill

Pinner: John Hill

Installation Artwork

Installation Artwork - Pinner: Web Urbanist

Pinner: Web Urbanist


|Rendering| - Pinner: Lynn Kim

Pinner: Lynn Kim

Wild architecture

Wild architecture - Pinner: Cindy Jetson

Pinner: Cindy Jetson

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Tami Hausman

The founder and president of Hausman LLC , a public relations and marketing firm, Tami Hausman loves architecture, public relations, and living in New York, where she has provided professional services to the design community for over 20 years. She frequently writes and lectures about trends and topics in architecture and urban planning. Dr. Hausman has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brown University and a Master of Arts and Ph.D. in art history from New York University.

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