Sealing Sanded Grout

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The final step in most ceramic tile projects is to seal the sanded grout. Unsealed grout gets stained and dirty, moldy and mildewed. This simple home maintenance task should be performed every six or 12 months and will save you lots of time scrubbing.

Sealed grout is waterproof and easier to maintain, which makes for a better looking floor. Sealed grout holds its color better and will prevent water from leaking around your tiles. Sealing sanded grout is also a quick DIY project that you should do once or twice a year to keep your tile floors and bathrooms looking sharp. It only requires grout sealer and a brush. Watch this episode of 60 Simple Seconds for a brush-up on how to seal sanded grout.

Step One

Sweep and clean floor; clean grout as necessary.

Step Two

Pour grout sealant into an applicator bottle or plastic cup.

Step Three

Use applicator bottle, or brush, to apply sealant liberally to grout.

Step Four

Let it soak for about 5 minutes; wipe away any excess sealant with rag.

Step Five

Let it dry and test it with water; if grout absorbs water, apply a second coat of sealant.

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