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One action that most inhabitants of developed countries take for granted every day is the ability to plug an electrical cord into an outlet and power up any kind of device, from a lamp to a washing machine to a laptop. While we could go on for days debating the status and future of the world’s energy sources and demand, this post is simply about what you plug that cord into.

Electrical outlets have been continuously improved for safety since the inception of the two pin plug and socket, patented in 1904 by Harvey Hubbell. Surge protectors, wire mold and other multi-outlet receptacles have been produced to meet the demand for more outlets, with some creative and innovative industrial design. But how many of us have thought beyond the functional requirements of an outlet and visualized more than a few slots in the wall or a power strip on the floor – usually accompanied by a tangle of cords and cables?

Toxel.com gives us a look at the new Rozetkus 3D electrical outlet from the industrial designers at Art Lebedev Studio. It is a unique receptacle that sits flush with the wall when you only need to plug in one cord, but slides out to reveal a cube with additional outlets on the sides and top when more connections are required. The device is new and is currently built for the European pin design. Hopefully we’ll see this and other new innovations – like these – in the US soon.

Ryan Carpico

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