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Learn how adaptive reuse and upcycling can add hip design to your home, apartment, or yard with the Go Green channel's {Re}habitat series. Follow host Rachael Ranney as she shows you how to repurpose salvaged and found materials, adding fun and function to your space without breaking your budget.

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Upcycled Coat Racks

Written by Rachael Ranney Wed Feb 29 2012

Find out, step by step, how to create two very different DIY coat racks using both natural and recycled materials. Watch {Re}habitat, Rachael Ranney’s online video series, to learn how adaptive reuse can add fun and function to your space.

I am constantly looking for ways to create new and inexpensive storage for my small home. Throughout the winter and spring months here in the Midwest, my house is always cluttered with a flurry of coats, gloves, and other cold weather gear. Installing a coat rack near your front door will add storage capacity to your entryway and can help you to clear up some of the chaos.

Even if you rent your home, the six steps for winterizing are worth doing. They help save the planet… and save you money!

Whether you are a renter like me or own your own home, these simple steps will help you to prepare your home inside and out for these chilly winter months.

Find out, step by step, how to upcycle a sturdy wooden door into an upholstered floating headboard. Watch {Re}habitat, Rachael Ranney’s online video series, to learn how adaptive reuse can add fun and function to your space.

Few furnishings add opulent coziness to your bedroom the way upholstered headboards do, but such pieces come with hefty pricetags. Rachael shows how to make an inexpensive and luxurious upholstered floating headboard with a salvaged wooden door, decorative wood trim, and upholstery materials.

Let Rachael Ranney, host of {Re}habitat, help you to upcycle some humble materials into gifts this holiday season. Here are three ideas for inexpensive gifts you can make in a few hours.

In the past few years I have begun to make almost all of my gifts by hand. Not only has it saved me from fighting feverishly through the madness of the pre-holiday mall crowds, it has kept my bank account in good standing. I also manage to give creative, personal, and thoughtful gifts to all of the people on my list.

Upcycled Bathroom Storage

Written by Rachael Ranney Thu Dec 01 2011

Find out, step by step, how to upcycle an old door into a unique bathroom storage unit. To see Rachael in action, watch {Re}habitat, her upcycling and repurposing video series.

Most bathrooms could benefit from added storage and a splash of color. An old wooden door, some knobs and racks, and a fresh coat of paint will help you to keep your bathroom organized and give it some character. This storage unit is perfect for bathrooms and other small spaces, but it can add functional, funky vertical storage to any room of your house. Join Rachael as she demonstrates how to turn a salvaged wooden door into upcycled bathroom storage.

Creating a multifunctional side table to augment your living room furniture is easier and more affordable than you think. Join {Re}habitat host Rachael Ranney as she turns a vintage suitcase into a useful and chic addition to her living space.

Vintage suitcases are one of my favorite ways to keep clutter hidden and my home organized. Buried deep in the dark corners of my closet and all around my office you will find piles of them. I use old funky suitcases to hide my crafting supplies and photos and to store my out-of-season clothes.

As the holiday season approaches, Rachael, the host of {Re}habitat, has been focusing on eco-friendly alternatives for some of the traditional elements of Christmas.

Living in a small, busy, crazy, constantly evolving, pet-filled apartment has kept me from having the 12’ Douglas Fir of my dreams twinkling in the window. I fear the mess, the drying tree lying out on the curb… and, perhaps most of all, our cats taking it all down in one loud SMASH! In hindsight I feel like I’ve cheated myself out of the full holiday experience by not having a proper Christmas tree.

You can get the tools you need to complete almost any upcycling, repurposing, or refurbishing project at your local hardware store. Join Rachael, the host of {Re}habitat, as she shares her tips on assembling the simple tools you need to get started.

Your local hardware store has thousands of tools on display, but you only need a few basics in your toolbox. Rachael tells us what to look for when choosing tools, how to keep sustainability in mind, and repurposing tricks of the trade.


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