Upcycled Bathroom Storage

Written by  Rachael Ranney Thu Dec 01 2011 Last modified on Mon Jul 01 2013

Find out, step by step, how to upcycle an old door into a unique bathroom storage unit. To see Rachael in action, watch {Re}habitat, her upcycling and repurposing video series.

Most bathrooms could benefit from added storage and a splash of color. An old wooden door, some knobs and racks, and a fresh coat of paint will help you to keep your bathroom organized and give it some character. This storage unit is perfect for bathrooms and other small spaces, but it can add functional, funky vertical storage to any room of your house. Join Rachael as she demonstrates how to turn a salvaged wooden door into upcycled bathroom storage.

To complete this project you will need basic tools and materials like paint, paintbrushes, sanding blocks, wood glue, screws, and a power drill. Check out Rachael’s trip to the hardware store if you want to know more about how to assemble a basic DIY toolkit.

Project Steps and Details

Here’s the breakdown of this project in five easy steps.
  1. Sand and wipe. To prep for painting, lightly sand the door, removing any preexisting paint or stain. Then wipe down the door with a damp cloth to remove any dust or grime.

    Sanding an old door for DIY upcycled bathroom storage
  2. Paint. With a paintbrush, apply your paint with long, even strokes. When you shop for paint, keep sustainability and reuse in mind. One way to do this, and to save money, is to check the mistint section of your local hardware store. Another is to use low- or no-VOC paints. Click here to learn more about how VOCs affect indoor air quality.

  3. Lay out your hardware. Be creative in your selection of hardware and its placement. Gather drawer pulls, knobs, towel bars and towel hooks, small shelves, a mirror, or artwork–whatever works for you. Try a few different layouts until you achieve a look and functionality that suits your purposes.

  4. Installing hardware for DIY upcycled bathroom storage
  5. Install your hardware. Using a power drill, attach the hardware. Keep in mind the weight of wet towels, use a level to keep the hardware horizontal, and hang each piece of hardware at a height appropriate to its function.

  6. Secure the door. This upcycled bathroom storage unit is designed to simply lean against a wall, which makes it not only easy to “install” in your house or apartment but also easy to move (perfect for all of you renters out there!). However, to prevent the door from slipping, secure it to the wall with wire and eyehooks or just place a heavy doorstop at its base.

Upcycle an old door DIY bathroom storage

By upcycling an old door, I found a clever solution to my apartment’s lack of bathroom storage space. Anyone can complete this DIY project in five steps that only take a few hours and a few bucks. Let me take a crack at providing solutions to your organization and storage problems by leaving a comment.

Rachael Ranney

Rachael Ranney

Rachael Ranney is the host and one of the creative forces behind the sustainable design and home décor series {Re}habitat on Buildipedia.com. This environmentally friendly how-to series focuses on repurposing salvaged, vintage, and recycled furniture and house wares in your home and garden.

As a lifetime treasure hunter, Rachael grew up scouring Midwest flea markets and thrift shops for unique and beautiful pieces. Raised among tinkerers and artists to value sustainable design, she is constantly pushing herself to see the beauty and possibilities within forgotten things.

Constantly inspired by the online green design and DIY communities, Rachael never stops searching for new projects and materials, discovering how to apply green practices everyday to her home and life.