Sustainable Flooring

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For years, design shows have been busy emptying the world’s quarries of as much granite as possible in the name of kitchen countertops. The harvesting of stone, as well as its shipping and processing, can leave a significant environmental footprint. A small number of companies, such as Cold Spring Granite (which has architectural, memorial, and residential products), prioritize sustainability. Meanwhile, green manufacturers have been coming up with a number of attractive and highly functional alternatives.

Cosentino’s Silestone Quartz countertops promise responsible harvesting of raw materials, ecological production and low to no emissions in air quality upon installation. They are also hard to scratch and come in a wide range of colors, even bold pinks and greens. Recycled glass countertops by Vetrazzo have a smooth, mosaic style, and utilize shards of bottles, windows, and other reclaimed glass of every shade, some of which are identifiable by brand, like SKYY vodka. Their glass comprises 85 percent of each countertop.

Sustainable Flooring is an exert from Going Green: Sustainable Finishes by Tracy Zollinger Turner

Last modified on Thu, Feb 02, 2012
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