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If you are one to make New Year's resolutions or goals, may I recommend Prelitz's Green Made Easy book? As the title of the book suggests, the idea of 'making green easy' is one of our greatest challenges, as I alluded to in the feature article this week. Not only homeowners, but professional architects and those in academia find sustainable concepts difficult to manage, largely because of complex mathematical and engineering concepts.

Prelitz told me during an interview yesterday, "Green Made Easy was designed to reach a wide spectrum of the population, so it covers many facets of sustainability. For the design professionals, there are four chapters devoted to passive solar design."

Green Made Easy exemplifies Prelitz's view that sustainability goals are achieved through education. With regard to LEED, Prelitz believes that LEED's strength is indeed sustainable education. However, when it comes to using LEED's resources, Prelitz believes, "LEED is a measurement tool; not a design tool." The main design tool we need in our back pocket is green knowledge that leads to a dynamic green design intelligence.

Green Made Easy by Chris Prelitz Green Made Easy by Chris Prelitz
Book Review:

In Green Made Easy, author and green pioneer Chris Prelitz shares how to be both environmental and economical at the same time. Going green is not only good for our planet, it’s good for your pocketbook. For over 20 years, Chris has been helping businesses, home owners, and corporations lower their monthly expenses by going green. Chris and his wife, Becky, share a green solar-powered home in Laguna Beach, California, which Chris designed and built. Most months they produce more power than they use and receive a credit from their power company instead of a bill!

In this book, Chris shares personal experiences, lessons learned, and reflections that humorously touch the heart and inspire the spirit. The chapter “Busting Green Myths” will sway even the most cynical person toward better eco-choices that will also save money. Chris says, “We’re rediscovering that it’s so much healthier, more lucrative, and better for every living thing to transition away from wasteful, polluting technologies and make choices that work in harmony with nature.”

Green Made Easy is written in a friend-to-friend, conversational style and examines our daily lives, from personal care and cosmetics to solar-energy systems. This book will delight and inspire any and all who dream of making a difference and wish to create a thriving, healthy future for generations to come.


Stephanie Aurora Lewis

Stephanie, an NCARB registered architect and LEED AP, draws upon her studies in architectural history and theory from Sarah Lawrence College and her master’s degree in architecture from The Ohio State University. Providing copy for publications and performing marketing work for the construction industry, Stephanie works as an independent freelancer from Columbus, Ohio.

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