Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

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Sweat equity is essential to increasing home value, but what can you do to avoid costly mistakes during remodeling or home renovation?

Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

There are many things people do during a home remodeling that may end up doing more harm than good, such as picking the wrong types of fixtures or making unrealistic budget assessments. This article aims to give you some simple tips so you can avoid falling for these traps during your own renovation efforts. We begin with a few basic tips:

Clearing everything out

You must ensure you work with a well thought-out plan before you begin working, but you simply can't afford to clear up the entire house if you're planning on doing renovation. Sometimes it pays to take small steps instead of giant leaps when reaching for the finish line. This is a common mistake a lot of people make, grasping for the end result without seeing the journey ahead of them.

Going cheap on materials

Another common mistake, which leads to the usual joke about “choosing the lowest bidder” when it comes to bad structural integrity of buildings and aesthetics among other things. In this business what you pay is what you get, more or less. Keep that in mind and consider waiting if you can afford it, so you can get things done with more sturdy and useful materials.

Temporary fixes are no solution

In many cases when we feel like we don't have the time, money, or disposition to deal with a serious flaw in our home, we turn to temporary solutions meant to mask the problem while we fovcus on other aspects of our lives. Keep in mind that these are nothing but temporary and they should not be abandoned at whim. After all, patching a pipe with duct tape won't make it all better, will it? Fortunately, many DIY videos can guide you through pipe soldering and other repairs.

Taking the wrong measurements

Nothing can be worse than doing that in the end. In measurements even a small discrepancy from what you are looking for can have some pretty bad results in the end. Something might not fit or worse, it could end up becoming a reason for disaster under the right circumstances. Always pay close attention to what you're doing and avoid making mistakes as much as possible.

Not doing sufficient preparation work

One thing that must never be overlooked is that behind every successful project lie many hours of prep work that often goes unnoticed or underestimated in the end. Although it may be a long and boring process, it is what essentially makes all the difference in the world when you want a finished and final product. Never overlook the importance of preparation.

Improper use of tools

Quite a few problems might pop up if you don't use the right tool for the right situation – you can destroy the tool, the work you are doing or in the end you might even end up hurting yourself. Avoid that by knowing exactly what to use in any given situation.

Taking on a bigger job than you can physically handle

If you are not fully aware what you're dealing with, you will often make mistakes or you will take shortcuts that will inevitably lead to some very bad results in the end. Make sure you act within reason and you plan in a scope that would be easy to implement instead of doing something over the top you might feel sorry for later down the line.

Building narrow doorways

A common mistake if you're not careful in what you're doing is this, but it is something that can be avoided if you're careful about it. In all cases you need to consider having more than one exit out of a room and exits wide enough for any furniture that might be carried inside. After all, you don't want to have to dismantle everything each time you want to move it outside a room, right? The same goes for staircases and other locations around the home where the extra space could come in handy.

Storing materials the wrong way

This is one of the most common and often made mistakes during a renovation done by people with little to no experience. Remember: Always store your materials in a nice, dry and cool place away from any potential source of harm. You can easily cover them up, keeping them safe during the whole ordeal without any risk to your materials or yourself with just about minimum effort. Never forget and never underestimate the importance of something so small.

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