5 Places to Use Decorative Art Glass Tile Blocks

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5 Places to Use Decorative Art Glass Tile Blocks Credit: Mike Foti, Columbus Glass Block

  1. Bathroom Shower, Tub Wall, or Window. In a bathroom you want a private and functional space, but you may also want a calm, soothing spa-like experience. Whether you’re creating a standard shower or a luxurious steam room, a glass block shower wall with decorative glass tile blocks can create a custom look for your bathroom remodeling project.

  2. Kitchen Backsplash, Bar, or Window. In a kitchen you want light, style, and a space that works for entertaining and cooking. A glass tile kitchen backsplash has become increasingly popular for its look and ease of cleaning. Now you can take this concept one step further by creating a light-transmitting backsplash. You may also want to consider using these glass tile accents in a bar or kitchen transom window.

  3. Sidelights and Transoms at the Front Door. Enhance your curb appeal and add security and privacy to your front door with decorative art tile blocks. This relatively simple home improvement project has an interior, as well an exterior, impact: adding a transom and/or sidelights can significantly brighten a dark foyer or entryway.

  4. Den or Study. A productive workspace combines the opposing elements of openness and privacy in a pleasing and functional way. Therein lies the challenge: how do you create a space that feels open, light, and airy but also improves your ability to focus? Try a glass block wall or window. For added style points, add colored or frosted glass tiles to the blocks.

  5. Accent Walls. If you want to break up a room, the glass block wall defines living space while adding privacy, style, and structure. Make it unique with a curved wall design or by placing some decorative accent blocks within the wall.

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