How to Replace a Wood Door

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Replacing an old wooden door is an easy afternoon DIY project, and you probably have the basic tools required. Watch our easy solution in 60 Simple Seconds.

Exterior wooden doors are subject to weather extremes and often deteriorate long before the door frame. Rather than tear out the entire door and frame, you can replace the old door by matching up the existing hinges on a new door and installing it on the existing frame. Watch this episode of 60 Simple Seconds for a quick look at how to replace a wooden door.

The cost of this project will depend on your needs and taste. Hollow core door slabs for outbuildings can cost as little as $25. If you’re replacing an entry door to your residence or if you want a more secure door, solid core door slabs are available with prices starting around $100. Insulated steel and fiberglass door slabs can also be installed in the same manner.

Step One

Measure existing door and trim new door slab as necessary.

Step Two

Remove existing deadbolt and door hardware.

Step Three

Knock out hinge pins and remove door.

Step Four

Remove hinges from the old door.

Step Five

Mark hinge location on new door and score with utility knife.

Step Six

Working lengthwise, use a wood chisel to prepare hinge notches.

Step Seven

Drill pilot holes for screws and install hinges.

Step Eight

Hang door and replace pins.

Step Nine

Reinstall hardware and door handle.

Step Ten

Lock, unlock, open, and close your new door to check for proper operation.

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