Metal Storage Shelving

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Metal storage shelving assemblies are used for general storage in a variety of building types.  Several types of metal storage shelving are available, such as end-panel-support, post-and-shelf, post-and-beam and cantilever.  Storage requirements are ever-changing today, as we accumulate more stuff in our homes and businesses, and metal storage shelving offers a durable option for organizing all of these possessions and supplies.

Metal shelving is strong enough to carry heavy items or provide ventilation when handling hot items.  Prefabricated units are typically available in heights up to 6 feet, with shelf widths of 14 to 36 inches.  These types of units have adjustable shelving, which allows for increased flexibility when storing and organizing.

Assemblies of metal shelving are pre-finished in a number of finishes that vary according to the intended use and the shelf's location.  Stainless steel units have solid or wire shelving.  They are commonly found in kitchen or sanitary areas.  Galvanized and painted finishes will provide adequate corrosion resistance for use in a garage, basement or warehouse location.  Epoxy and powder coated finishes are typically used in locations which have a harsh environment.  Chrome, which has a bright finish, is frequently used for product displays.

Lighter load capacity metal shelving units typically have a closed back or, at a minimum, diagonal bracing, which provides adequate support.  The backing or bracing of these units will be manufactured from metal, like the frame, and generally will not be adjustable.  This limits access to the shelving from one side.  Open shelving, on the other hand, is accessible from both sides and has a strong framework that prevents racking.  This type of shelving is commonly found in warehouses.

Used in the garages, laundry rooms and basements of homes, as well as in commercial kitchens, business displays and the warehousing of materials, metal storage shelving is scalable and meets today's increasing storage requirements.

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