Residential Faucets, Supplies, and Trim

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Each residential plumbing fixture has associated with it necessary items that are often not included with the fixture. Some of these extra parts are the faucets, supplies, and trim.

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The lavatory has associated parts including hot and cold water faucets, a spout, a strainer, a p-trap, waste piping, stoppers, and escutcheon plates for appearance. Water supply stops are valves located at the end of the cold or hot water pipe and are used to shut the water off from the fixture. Usually some type of flexible supply line extends from the stop to the fixture. There are both regular stops and angle stops. Angle stops turn the direction of water flow 90 degrees before the flexible supplies are connected. The type of shut-off that will be used depends on best access, available space, and what may be available. If the lavatory is counter-mounted, it is usually self-rimming. It also has a p-trap, waste piping to the drain, and usually an escutcheon, and these are typically concealed under the cabinet or vanity.

The trim for a kitchen sink includes hot and cold water faucets, a spout, a strainer, a p-trap, waste drain piping, and possible escutcheon plates for appearance. Kitchen sinks also have stops and supplies, though usually concealed in the base cabinet below the sink.

The laundry sink, like the kitchen sink and the lavatory, has associated with it hot and cold water faucets, a spout, a strainer, a p-trap, waste piping, and escutcheon plates for appearance.

Bathtubs also have faucets, a spout, and a strainer, but the trap and waste is usually concealed in the wall and will usually not have escutcheon plates.

Toilets usually have one stop or one angle stop and have no faucet, because they only have a need for cold water. Toilets have a flushing mechanism and bowl seal. The flushing mechanism operates with simple mechanics unless it is pressure assisted.

Bidets are usually vitreous china colored to match the toilet. The trim on a bidet consists of all the parts external to the fixture which are required for its operation. Bidets come with both hot and cold water supplies so that the water can be tempered as desired.

All showers have faucets, temperature controls, shower heads, spraying units, and drains and come in many shapes and sizes. Showers today can be part of the bathtub, but often are fixtures themselves.

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