Environmentally Conscious Landscaping Tips for Challenging Climates and Terrain

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Uneven terrain and climate extremes are two of the biggest challenges homeowners face when attempting to create beautiful, low-maintenance, environmentally conscious residential landscapes. Having a realistic expectation of cost and time requirements, as well as a thorough knowledge of native plants, soil composition, rainfall expectancy, irrigation systems, and local permitting regulations can dramatically impact the long-term success of an outdoor project.

Maintenance Tips: Automatic Sprinkler Systems

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Maintaining your sprinkler system will conserve water and save money. This article will show you how to use an irrigation system to more efficiently water your lawn, garden, or landscaping.

Similar to any other product installed in your home, an automatic sprinkler system needs to be properly maintained. An automatic sprinkler system that is not properly maintained will waste water and be a detriment to the upkeep of your lawn and landscaping. Protecting your investments with regularly scheduled maintenance will ensure that your automatic sprinkler system operates efficiently throughout the year.

Spring Lawn Care

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Find out how to optimize your lawn's potential with these tips on fertilizing, going organic, and more.

The sun is shining, the grass is growing, and you're ready to go outside and invest a few weekend hours in making your lawn more beautiful. However, conventional wisdom about spring lawn care may not tell the whole story. In fact, the pervasive notion that spring is the ideal season to begin lawn maintenance may have more to do with your own mood than it does with the growing cycle. What practical steps can you take right now, while you’re feeling inspired, to improve your lawn’s appearance?

What to Do about Ice Dams

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Having ice in your gutters is not simply an inevitable part of winter. Icy buildup along gutters is symptomatic of uneven heating and snowmelt. Ice dams can result in damage to your home, but you can take steps to safely remove them. You should also consider performing the following simple maintenance tasks once warmer weather arrives in order to prevent ice dams from forming in the future.

Talking About Outdoor Kitchens

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The trends sweeping the American architectural front include a great shift to the outdoors. Among outdoor living spaces, the one idea that has gained incredible popularity is the outdoor kitchen. With sweltering heat waves oppressing the nation, Americans want to perform their cooktop operations alongside their grilling in the great wide open. With the housing market still in decline, homeowners are also looking for ways to increase property values and stay content with staying put. We talked with interior designer Joshua Ingraham of Joshua Ingraham Design, who offered some of his best advice for effectively and efficiently incorporating an outdoor kitchen into your home.

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