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Foodservice equipment can be defined as any piece of equipment that is used for or with commercial food preparation. Foodservice equipment can be found in various types of establishments, such as restaurants, delis, supermarkets, institutions, and schools. It involves a wide variety of products, from food preparation equipment to finishing units. Some examples of foodservice equipment are: reach-in refrigerator/freezers, commercial ovens, proofers, broilers/ salamanders, grilles, ranges, stainless steel tables, sandwich prep stations, and pizza ovens.



Foodservice equipment in a commercial kitchen is typically designed to maximize the efficiency of the cooking/serving staff.  The kitchen will consist of various areas such as a cookline, which includes a range, oven, grille, and other cooking units.  The pick and preparation areas will be located adjacent to the cookline.  This allows the chef to finish and plate the dishes, while the servers are able to access the finished dishes through a pass through area. A typical commercial kitchen also involves a beverage station which can contain soda dispensers, cup dispensers, coffee brewers, tea dispensers, and hot water dispensers. Various other foodservice equipment will be located in a commercial kitchen along with a dishwashing area, food preparation area, and walk-in cooler/freezer area.


Specialized foodservice equipment is available from many manufacturers, and custom designed equipment is also an option.

Foodservice Equipment



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