Fixing a Leaky Toilet

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Have a leaking toilet? Fixing it is easier thank you think. Watch our easy solution to a leaky toilet in Sixty Simple Seconds.

Finding water all over your bathroom floor from a leaky toilet is never a good situation. Fortunately, fixing the leak is only a few flushes away. One of the most common causes of a leaky toilet is the wax ring that sits between the toilet and the drain. Replacing a leaky wax ring is a quick DIY project that should be done when you first notice the leak. Watch this episode of 60 Simple Seconds for a quick look at how to replace a wax ring and fix that leaky toilet.

Fixing a Leaky Toilet

This project should take about half an hour; you will use tools you probably have in your DIY toolbox. As for cost, there are a few types of wax rings, but a basic one typically costs less than $5.

Step One


Turn off the water supply.

Step Two

Flush the toilet.

Step Three

Remove the remaining water with a cup.

Step Four

Disconnect the water supply from the tank.

Step Five

Remove the nuts and lift the toilet out of the workspace.

Step Six

Remove the old wax ring and any excess wax.

Step Seven

Slide out and replace the closet bolts.

Step Eight

Place and center a new wax ring.

Step Nine

Reposition the toilet and secure all nuts.

Step Ten

Reconnect the water supply. Turn on the water. Check for leaks.

Last modified on Wed, Mar 23, 2016
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