Fypon offers thousands of decorative millwork elements in a variety of architectural styles to enhance the interior and exterior of America’s homes. Each piece is crafted from tough, weather-resistant, high-performance materials that are resistant to decay, insect infestation, and water damage for long-lasting beauty and low maintenance.

Entryway Makeover with Therma-Tru® and Fypon® Products

Wed, Sep 18, 2013

Subjected to 12 years of harsh New Hampshire weather conditions, the entryway to master carpenter Tim Carter's home was in bad shape. Having installed countless doors during his career, Carter knew exactly what he wanted to create his home's new entry area: an energy-efficient fiberglass door from Therma-Tru surrounded by low-maintenance Fypon® urethane trim.

Colorful Fypon® Trim Pieces Highlighted in New “FRESH Color Schemes for Your Home Exterior” Online Guide

Tue, Aug 27, 2013

Like brightly-colored sprinkles on the top of cupcakes, decorative urethane pieces from Fypon can add colorful touches to any home. The new 36-page FRESH Color Schemes for Your Home Exterior downloadable guide provides color palette options for seven different home styles and makes it easy for homeowners to "sprinkle" their home exteriors with low-maintenance trim options.

Light Up the Night with Decorative Fypon Lamp Posts

Tue, Jun 04, 2013

Builders, remodelers and homeowners eager to add style to a home’s exterior can now add low-maintenance decorative Lamp Posts from Fypon. Available in both straight edge and rounded classical styles, the non-structural Lamp Posts stand eight-feet tall and are an affordable, low-maintenance alternative to traditional lamp posts made of metal or wood.

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