NAHB Research Center Increases Green Approved Product Points for Using Superior Walls® Products

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Builders starting new home projects can now earn three additional points (for a total of 13 potential points) toward National Green Building Certification when using energy-efficient Superior Walls® insulated precast concrete foundation panels. Superior Walls is the first and only foundation manufacturer whose products are approved to contribute points toward certification of a building under the National Green Building Standard™.

NAHB Research Center Increases Green Approved Product Points for Using Superior Walls® Products

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Research Center first awarded the Green Approved Product designation to Superior Walls Xi and R-5 foundations in 2009, allowing builders the chance to earn up to 10 program points toward National Green Building Certification. The organization now has approved the opportunity for builders to add three additional points for standard 602.1.1.1 (formerly 903.2.2), “capillary break added on footing,” when foundation walls are set on a minimum of 4" thick gravel beds with appropriate foundation drainage."

Green Approved Products Certificate #00071 provides builders the following points for the use of Superior Walls foundation systems.

  • Practice 601.2, 3 points: Structural systems/advanced framing techniques optimize material usage.

  • Practice 601.5 (1-3), 4 points: Precut/preassembled components, panelized, or precast assemblies are utilized for a minimum of 90% of floor, wall, and/or roof system.

  • Practice 607.1, 3 points: Products containing fewer materials are used to achieve the same end-use requirements as conventional products.

  • Practice 701.4.3.1 (1), mandatory: Insulation is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or local code. Mandatory for certification.

  • Practice 903.2.2, 3 points: Capillary break is added on footing.


Energy-Efficient Foundations


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Top-of-the-line Xi wall panels feature steel-reinforced concrete and 2 1/2" of DOW® Styrofoam™ insulation to create a permanent barrier against sidewall water penetration. The panels are custom-designed and constructed in a factory-controlled setting. Unique features of the Xi wall panels include:

  • 5,000+ psi concrete;

  • Steel-reinforced top bond beams, concrete studs, and footer beams;

  • Horizontal steel rebar inside top and bottom beams;

  • Vertical steel rebar inside each stud;

  • Access holes for ease in wiring and plumbing;

  • Galvanized steel stud facing ready for drywall finishing; and

  • Insulated corners, studs, and bond beams.

“Superior Walls products are resource-efficient, using up to 70% less concrete in a new home than conventional foundations,” says Jim Costello, president of Superior Walls. “Stud facings eliminate the need for additional wood framing prior to interior finishing. Using fewer materials helps reduce the carbon footprint of the new home’s construction process.”

For homeowners, the benefits of Superior Walls foundations systems are substantial. The energy-efficient walls help lower energy costs and reduce energy leakage while providing increased living space in a comfortable setting.

“There are many energy-efficiency advantages to both homeowners and builders for using this Green Approved product,” says Costello. “These wall systems help improve the indoor air quality in a dry basement setting along with enhancing the resale value of a home.”


Quality Construction


In most U.S. climate zones, Xi wall panels from Superior Walls meet or exceed energy conservation requirements from both the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and the International Residential Code (IRC). The foundation walls can help in the construction of an ENERGY STAR® qualified home. As a custom wall assembly, Superior Walls products contribute to the overall home insulation value and reduce air infiltration into the home, thereby making a huge impact on the overall energy-efficiency rating of the home.

Superior Walls panels always arrive “damp-proof” from the factory and also allow for increasing the amount of insulation without the need for additional framing. The patented wall systems from Superior Walls are custom-built to project specifications in nearly any home style, allowing homeowners to save on energy bills while gaining additional living space in the home.

Last modified on Thu, Oct 25, 2012
Superior Walls

Available nationwide through licensees in a variety of states, Superior Walls foundations have been installed since 1981 when the company introduced the original R-5 Superior Walls precast foundation system. Superior Walls products are the first and only foundation systems to have attained the Green Approved Product designation by the NAHB Research Center, earning builders points on a project toward a National Green Building Certification. The company is a member of the International Code Council and the US Green Building Council. For more information, call 1-800-452-9255 or visit

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