Fluted Concrete Unit Masonry

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Fluted concrete unit masonry has ribbed or fluted edges. Units typically have four, six, or eight ribs vertically aligned to form continuous segments in the finished wall. The fluted units can be smooth, split, or striated. Flutes can be produced to provide either a circular or rectangular profile. Fluted concrete masonry units can be specially fabricated to be water repellent, and are produced in an array of colors.

Fluted concrete masonry units are usually laid so that the flutes or ribs align vertically as they are placed. Masons can utilize different bond patterns, such as stack bond or one-third running bond, to align scores in adjacent courses. The bond pattern used will determine the load bearing capacity of the wall.

Fluted Concrete Unit Masonry
Last modified on Tue, Oct 26, 2010
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