Low-Flow Faucets

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Faucets account for more than 15% of a home’s indoor water consumption. A low-flow WaterSense-labeled bathroom sink faucet can reduce that consumption by more than 30%. That equates to nearly 500 gallons of water per year. Much like a showerhead, a low-flow faucet will also create an energy savings by reducing demand on the water heater. This savings is small, about $10 per year, but it helps to create a total savings of $15 per year. Because a homeowner is more than capable of changing out a faucet, the total installed price can be less than $100, depending on preference and quality. This allows for a simple payback of under seven years, and an ROI of approximately 15%.

As you can see, homeowners and building managers have many opportunities to reduce their expenses through low-flow fixtures. Ultimately, the question of whether the ROI justifies the expense of installing low-flow fixtures must be answered by each individual. With the data presented above, homeowners and building managers make that decision efficiently and in their own best interests.

Low-Flow Faucets is an exert from ROI-Driven Products: Low-Flow Fixtures by Michael Tolson.

Last modified on Thu, Feb 02, 2012
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